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We have been typesetting foreign languages
for over 20 years

About us

Small steps to large-scale typesetting

We started as an agency for visualization in 1994 and were included in the commercial register in 1997 as Trion Computerservices GmbH. In 1999 the second reorganization took place, which resulted in the Trion Visual Concepts GmbH that we have today.

From the outset, our task was typesetting documents into foreign languages.

Peter Otto and Stefan Schwarz are the Managing Directors of Trion Visual Concepts GmbH, which currently employs 12 permanent employees and several external freelancers. About half of our employees work in foreign language typesetting.


Did you know that Hawaiian – the language of the Polynesian indigenous inhabitants of the Hawaiian Islands – uses one of the shortest alphabets in the world?

Only 12 Latin characters are used.

a, e, i, o, u, p, k, m, n, w, l, h