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Good preparation saves money and time

Before the translation

Data preparation

Good data preparation is the foundation for an efficient translation process.

We optimize your data for use with CAT systems before the translation starts in order to make the process more efficient.

As a result:

  • Unnecessary or incorrect segmentation is avoided.
  • Internal tags are reduced.
  • Graphic text is made translatable.
  • Graphics are properly linked.
  • Table structures are generated.

We start by analyzing your data for completeness. For example, we check that all typefaces and graphics are present in order to identify and eliminate any possible deficiencies very early on before the translation process starts.
We then optimize your documents for translation. In doing so, we ensure that unnecessary or incorrect segmentation is avoided and create either translation files for further processing in your CAT system or, for example, an RTF file that can be overwritten. Of course we also generate a PDF file as reference for you and your translators.

Preparing closed file formats

There are hardly any formats that we are unable to prepare for translation.


If the original is only available as a PDF or a hard copy, we capture the texts, re-set your documents, and optimize them for the translation.

Preparing websites

We prepare entire websites for translation: This includes graphics processing, coding, and scripting.


Alignment of existing translations

Aligning open formats produces the best results. Send us your data and we'll do the rest.


We will gladly prepare your data for the alignment process and then you can align the data that is readable for your CAT system yourself.