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We are familiar with language-specific characteristics

After the translation

Data post-processing and layout adjustment

You can rely on our experience. We return your translations back to their original format and adjust the formatting, taking account of language-specific characteristics.


  • Compensating for language expansion.
  • Generating lists, taking account of language-specific collation.
  • Mirroring the layout for RTL languages, such as Arabic and Hebrew.
  • Converting your translation created on a PC to Apple Macintosh if required.
  • Adapting translated websites with graphics processing, coding, and scripting.
  • Quality control and creating PDF files for you to review.
  • Incorporating translator/customer corrections.
  • Reproduction – from digital printing of small runs through to offset printing of large runs.

The Arabic script is written from right to left (RTL language). Unlike words, numbers (in both European and Arabic languages) are always written from left to right.

In Arabic, “Hindi numerals” are often used. However, European digits are also used.
hindi numerals
“Persian numerals” are used in Persian scripts in Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India.
Persian numerals